Wednesday, April 03, 2019

This Shift Has Drawbacks. It Has Compensations, Too

     I'm coming to dislike going to bed with an idea for a post, or waking up with an idea, and then by the time I'm sitting at the computer, it has fled.

     Yesterday did have a nice side.  Tam and I had a nice lunch at Brugge, the nice Belgian restaurant in Broad Ripple.  We went with simple fare, hanger steak and eggs over frites, that Belgian dish you know as French Fries.  They've got a huge selection of dipping sauces for the frites and the meal comes with a choice of two; I picked pesto and horseradish while Tam had pesto and curry, which pairs nicely with the steak and eggs, too.

     Tam pointed out a sign: just upstairs from Brugge is Txuleta, a Basque cider house!  It's a fairly recent addition, open in the evenings.  In Basque country, cider houses are a seasonal treat, serving hard cider and hearty dishes, and "discovered" by gastronomes a few years back.  Our local version appears to be offering the foodie take on this tradition and it makes my mouth water -- have a look at their menu and gallery at the link!  We'l be finding out what that's about.

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