Friday, April 19, 2019

The Mueller Reports

     As near as I can tell from the news coverage, the Mueller Report says whatever you were wanting it to say, managing somehow to find the President (and/or his campaign) both did not collude with the Russians and yet was up to something skullduggerous that Congress must make up their own minds about after a full and complete study of the 400-page report and related evidence followed by thoughtful reflection -- which, of course, various Congressbeings did, fully fifteen minutes after they were given a copy to read.

     Don't you wish you were as clever and as capable of absorbing written information as rapidly as a U. S. Congressthing?

     Yeah, right--  What I'm noticing is that the dance hasn't changed; here we are, a day after the report was released and nobody, nobody has changed their opinion -- not a single member of the House or Senate, not a single TV expert, no pundit, no polemicist, zip, zilch,  none.  And there's all the information I need.

     Politics is what we do instead of sticking one another with swords.  The Mueller Report is an épée with a tip at each end and no grip, which sets off the scoring light and buzzer at the least jostle -- and boy, are the politicians and commentators jostling!

     Same old, same old.  The Russians are still getting what they wanted: chaos.  We're all helping, aren't we?


Drang said...

While I generally approve of the job Mr. Trump is doing, I am surprised to not that I am even more disinterested in discussing politics and politicians than I was before. Almost makes me regret refraining from sharing my opinions of his predecessor.

Slight change of subject: Will you and Tam be spending any time at NRAAM next weekend? Hoping to finally meet you IRL. (Feel free to email me yes/no if you'd prefer not to publicize it, contact info at my own blog.)

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

" épée with a tip at each end and no grip, which sets off the scoring light and buzzer at the least jostle..."

I am going to steal this. Someday. Please.

Roberta X said...

Feel free!

Roberta X said...

Drang, Tam will be at NRAAM most of the weekend. I will be there Thursday and possibly Sunday, got my press pass and everything. Saturday morning, there's a hamfest I may go to instead.

Drang said...

I'm arriving IND 1745 on Thursday, so I hope to see you Sunday.