Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big Storms, Too Quiet

One heck of a line of storms blew through last night, leaving downed limbs, puddles and a freshly-damp basement here at Roseholme Cottage in its wake.

--Speaking of sound and fury, we've got an off-year primary coming up on (as a website for Carmel, IN put it) May 3th, and with very few exception, you can go whistle in the wind if you want to learn which offices are going to be up for grabs in the Fall or who's interested in running for them from the Big Two parties. I was going to put in a link but I can't find anything that would be worth your time to follow.

John Galt isn't running; he's decided to sit this one out. ;)

Oh, if you were planning to post a stern letter about this (or any other issue) at a local news outlet's website? Might as well not bother to use a pseudonym. And make sure you still have your good going-to-the-courtroom shoes somewhere handy.


Tango Juliet said...

Must've been the same big front that ran us over the night before last.

Old Grouch said...

From the Indianapolis Bar Assn's "Judicial Excellence" PAC:


This person correctly applies the law.
Strongly Disagree
1 08% (42)
2 11% (57)
3 15% (79)
4 30% (155)
5 33% (169)
Strongly Agree

No opinion: 2% (9)

Anonymous said...

Thoroseal brushed on the inside will stop that dampness from coming through the basement walls.

--John Cooper