Friday, April 22, 2011

A Primary What?

I'm still digging for Primary Election information. The Marion County Election Board has some information for local offices (our Republican Mayor, Greg "lousy on guns" Ballard stands unopposed; the Dems have a three-way fight for the office, all of whom are worse choices. I sure hope the Libertarians find someone to run for Mayor in the fall. Or even someone's dog).

At one point, Richard Mourdock was considering standing against long-time RINO Senator Richard Lugar and if I can see through the shiny, shiny glow of (Gov.) Mitch Daniels in this news story, it appears he still is. Someone ought to -- a vote for the Hon. the Mr. Lugar is almost the same as a vote for a Democrat and if we're only gonna have two parties holding most of the offices, I'd as soon they were two distinct parties instead of one bowl of warm, statesmanesque mush. As for who those of you on the Left side of the hall have to choose between, umm, might as well not even bother looking on the Web.

I get it that this is an off-year primary and there may only be 15 or 20 poor saps per polling place actually voting for a couple dozen candidates but it's still surprising how little comprehensive coverage there's been. Crowded out by the Royal Wedding? Didn't we fight a couple of wars over the business of elections vs. royalty?


(Speaking of the 1.5-Party system, it seems Indiana's proposed "automatic tax refund" of any surplus in the State budget is dead again. Smooooooth, you wallowers in the public-funds trough, smoooooth. Keep on earning that "Parties of Treason" tag, you rats.)

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