Wednesday, April 06, 2011


It's precious far to go, but thanks to online booksearches (about which more later), I recently purchased a P. Schuyler Miller book (long out of print) from a delightful used bookshop in Alnwick, Northumberland -- the one on the other side of the Atlantic. Barter Books is located in a Victorian railway station and the photos on the little flyer that accompanied the book reveal something of a reader's wonderland.

...Enchanting as all that is -- and it is -- another "little flyer" arrived in the envelope* with my book: Some Notes On Searching For Books. With all its hints, links and good advice, it is also presented on their website. Highly recommended!
* Metered postage, alas, unless they've replaced the Queen with a black monolith without telling me.


Joseph said...

Being somewhat interested in WWI, British Military, I have found in some cases one almost HAS to go overseas for information. Takes a little time to send the books, but well worth it.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Question: Do they keep their Steampunks Books under Fiction or History over there?

Stretch said...

Damn your eyes!
Any hope I had of rebuilding my savings just went out the door ... or computer in this case.
After just 10 minutes my cart was well over 600 Pounds Sterling.
No, I didn't click "order" but have bookmarked the site.

John B said...

That's where I want to rusticate, after my African Safari.

I want to be part-time help in that bookshop.