Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Don't Tempt Me

     It's 7:30 in the ayem and I'm already low on patience.


perlhaqr said...

Heck, most of the time these days I wake up low on patience. I need a vacation. :-/

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I need to retire.

Only another 15 years or so if the Left doesn't make things any worse than they are.

Say...anyone know what a Ptolemaic vegapp is? That's my word challenge for this post. Sounds like a kitchen appliance.

Dave H said...

Say...anyone know what a Ptolemaic vegapp is?

It's a food processor in which cutting blades spin around the vegetables, which rests in the center. It was replaced by the simpler Keplerian vegapp, in which the vegetables revolve around the centrally located blades.

Whatever you do, avoid the quantum vegapp. You'll never know if your veggies have been chopped until you look inside.

Anonymous said...

Grateful Dead - Ship of Fools

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