Sunday, May 05, 2013

Happy Well-Meant But Kinda Ignorant Stereotype Day!

     We have several of these throughout the year in the U.S., though the exact kind and number varies a bit depending on where you live -- Canada Day, for instance, is celebrated so subtly in most of the States that if you missed the temporary addition of French on many signs and labels, you might never notice. 

     Still, most of 'em are well-meant.  Most celebrate the great tradition of turning whatever your grandma ate into fast food and most of that turns out pretty tasty (if not always as healthy as the original); I am , however,withholding judgement on October's fried-sauerkraut-on-a-stick.

     As for me, I'll have my slingshot out this afternoon,  trying to take out an almost-empty bottle of Hellman's floating in a kiddie pool: Sinko de Mayo!


Douglas2 said...

In going through the setup menus on a techie toy recently I came across three choices under "language"
- Mexico
- United States
- Canada

I was hoping that by choosing Canada it would add lots of "u"s after "o"s, replace lots of "z"s with "s", and append "eh?" frequently, but instead it switched to French.

rickn8or said...

"Sinko de Mayo!"

Never saw that one coming...

Dave in Indiana said...

We're fortunate in the invasion of Normandy having happened in '44. If it had happened 38 years earlier those on the allied side might, on June 6th, be celebrating 666.

Anonymous said... a manner reminiscent of Attila the Pun.

Scott B.

Dave in Indiana said...

At least this year Obama isn't celebrating "cinco de quatro"!

Sabra said...

Hey, I like deep-fried sauerkraut! 'Tis not worth a dollar a ball, though.

Had enchiladas Suizas yesterday; the latter part of that translates out to Swiss. I have no idea why chicken and tomatillo sauce strikes Mexicans in Texas as Swiss, but there you go. Best multiculturalism since someone decided to wrap a kiolbasa sausage in a tortilla.

Davidwhitewolf said...

"Hellman's?" As I am West of the Rockies, I have no idea what you're talking about.