Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Slept Late

     And it felt goooood.

     Meanwhile, the TV has spent all morning showing me the 500-mile race track and all the fans, from celebs to J. Average Guy.
       Interesting (?) personal trivia #1: in the late 1980s, I worked for a radio station that got itself thrown out of the track; the next year, the new owners -- despite having learned of this history -- refused to apply for media passes and location by the deadline and sent me out to make last-minute arrangements.  I did my best but No Dice; guess whose fault that was?
     Interesting (?) personal trivia #2: My first boss in my current job wouldn't send me into any venue like the track on qualification weekend or race day where getting in and out consumed considerable time: "You're on call.  When we need you someplace like the transmitter site, we need you there ASAP."  Ah, the perfect blend of need and inclination: they need me available and I'm little inclined to brave crowds.

     (Is Carol Brady dodging Gomer Pyle?  Nope, she's recovering from pneumonia -- but he's there, to sing "Back Home Again In Indiana" [proving that Hoosiers are tolerant of anyone who will -- and can -- sing our state song]. She's home instead; and she's usually got a musical number, too,  fillin' in for Kate Smith on "God Bless America."  Not good weather today for anyone getting over a lung infection, even without having to belt out that tune.  Conversely, while Jim Nabors looks about 102, when asked to "do that voice," he sounds 20 as he drops into full Gomer mode. Gawllllleeeeee.)


Old NFO said...

Gotta love the situation your boss wanted to put you in... NO win on your part, and of course it would be YOUR fault... Definition of bad management!

Dwight Brown said...

If you feel like telling the story, I would love to hear more about how the radio station got itself thrown out of the track.

If you don't feel like telling the story, well, forget I said anything.

Roberta X said...

Maybe some day -- it's pretty tawdry.