Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday: BlogMeet, Art Fair, Movie

     Do I look tired?  Sleepy?  It's been a busy couple of days!

     Saturday's main event was -- of course! -- the BlogMeet:
     Owen, Old Grouch, Turk Turon, me, Tam, Shootin' Buddy, Joanna.

     After awhile, The Jack arrived, too:
     (Also, in background, Nameless Visitor Dog and barely-visible Owner.)  It was a fine BlogMeet, though I must admit I listened way more than talked, sometimes with my eyes closed.

     You see, we visited the Broad Ripple Art Fair in the morning: a nice bike ride, a lot of walking, and  whole lot of art:
     The next time someone talks to you about "accessible" art, show 'em this tabletop zoo!  I have many more photos but no time to edit.

     After the BlogMeet, we went to the new Star Trek movie.  What can I say?  The usual heavy-handed story-telling, Jim Kirk chews up the scenery, Spock is quizzically skeptic, Bones is a curmudgeon, Scotty pulls a very big rabbit out of a very small hat, evil is (after much struggle) vanquished and the good guys win!  Some nice nods to earlier films, wonderful sets, terrible physics: like James Bond films, you know what's going to be inside when you buy it and the fun is seeing how they do it.  I liked all of it except for the nazified StarFleet uniforms and the painfully drawn-out resolution of one bit of foreshadowing. While the slightly-emo new generation Enterprise crew sure ain't the Old Guard, they're a remarkably respectful reinterpretation of the originals and easy to like. Either you're happy to see Jim (or James) again or you're not.  I was. 


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it (again). Too busy working around the yard yesterday. Thanks for friending me; I saw Tam's post this morning tagging you and thought I needed to do that; you beat me to it.


Karl said...

Looks like another good time!

Yes, the high collars on the star trek uniforms were in bad taste!


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Wish I'd been there.

But the Hindu wedding was kind of cool.

Roberta X said...

I'll bet! --I've seen part of one Hindu wedding in some travelogue but it wasn't sufficient to get mucgh sense of the event.

Joanna said...

Please please pleeeeeeease tell me there was a spontaneous song-and-dance number with a 50-member chorus and at least one elephant.

JohninMd.(too late?!?) said...

A very handsome crew of scaliwags, I semi-feel like I know you and Tam from the blogs, BUT... I gotta ask, it's been bugging me for over a year; Does Tam EVER go without the ball cap? Understand beatin' the sun, fair-skinned meself, and I know they change logos from time to time so I know it's removeable, but durn! They never change position! How's she do it? Lag screw? Velcro? Hair weave? Staple gun? Curious minds and such.......

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Bobbi -- we were told that this was an abbreviated ceremony...a standard Hindu wedding apparently lasts 10 hours or more. It's a mixed marriage, an Indian/German young man and an American Catholic young lady...both medical doctors.

Joanna -- not at the wedding, but at the reception afterward :) Well, and no elephant. But there could have been!