Monday, June 17, 2013

Overheard On Air Force One?

     "All I hear in the press all day is how great Snowden did this, or how wonderfully Snowden did that.  Snowden, Snowden, Snowden!"

    I still think Snowden's a walking dead man but perhaps I underestimate the's willingness to grind down a man in jail and in court instead of just rubbing him out..  As for what he's done, it's almost certainly a crime (right up there with the three felonies a day most folks average, just doing normal activities); but didn't Mr. Obama's Administration sail into office promising to be "the most transparent in history?"  In that case, Edward Snowden's done 'em a favor, the equivalent of the bum with a bucket of water and rag ambush-cleaning car windshields at a stoplight.  --Yeah, window-cleaning urban outdoorsmen aren't popular, but that seagull-splatter's not gonna clean itself, no more than the Feds ever will, no matter who's lurking in the Oval Office like a rat under the White House floorboards or how "transparently" they go about the sordid business of governing.

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Gewehr98 said...

Chaps me to no end. I retired from a branch of the IC, and had to say "no" to requests by certain 3-letter agencies to do something that would be in violation of the Intelligence Oversight Program. What bugged me most (bugged, get it?) was that otherwise fine, upstanding, Top-Secret cleared folks were doing their damnedest to find new ways to collect on their fellow Americans, without actually, you know, calling it that.