Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Samba? Bossy Bossanova?

[Set to a familiar tune]

Fat and pale and kind of pudgy
The accountant from Dulth goes trudging
And as he stumbles and kind of fumbles, goes, "Unhhhh..."

When he talks, he always mumbles
A man who cheats and sweats and bumbles
And as he stumbles and kind of fumbles, goes, "Unhhhh..."

Yes, and he sunburns so badly--
How can he not know he's blistered?
Yet each day on his slouch to the sea
He scratches just like he has fleas....

Pudgy-soft and smudgy and so pale
The accountant from Duluth is just like a whale
And as he crumbles and itches and fumbles, goes "Uhhhhh...."

Oh, can he tell they're all laughing?
Please swap the rum for some sunblock!
I think he's actually sizzling--
But he sneaks 'round a corner to pee
And then he's betrayed by a sneeze!
Fat and pale and kind of pudgy,
The account from Duluth is always judging
And when he does so, he frowns, he knows he's a clown.
But he refuses to see...
No, he just won't see...
He'll never see...
He'll never see...


CGHill said...

Guffaw induction: High.

Roberta X said...

Thank you!

I'm disgustingly happy with some of the rhymes.

BGMiller said...

I even heard it in my mind in a sultry female voice with Latin American accent.


Pretty sure that tune will be stuck in my head tomorrow at work.


BobG said...

LOL. New treatment for an old earworm.

Rob K said...

You are a genius! I could hear it perfectly in my head.