Monday, June 03, 2013

Tam's "Mini" BlogMeet

     It was not so mini -- nearly a dozen of us gathered at BRBP:
     Tam took the photo, so she's not in it.  Names/faces may not match but here's the best my notes have, starting at lower left and proceeding clockerwise (or anti-widdershins): Periodic Emma, TBeck, Mr. B, Midwest Chick, T (or K?) at the end of the table and K (or T?) barely visible behind Old Grouch, followed by Fuzzy Curmudgeon, The Jack and Yr. Crspndt.

     Tam and I had biked to the gun show, walked the entire show (saw some cute items but still don't have cash for an S&W Bekaert .22 target revolver, which is what I want, that and an H&R 999, which never ever shows up at the Indy 1500), biked back home at a high rate of speed and then on to the BlogMeet.  I stopped and changed bicycles, there being no reason to not ride the high-wheeled Ordinary, and was therefore a bit late.  Things were well underway by the time I arrived, the usual three or four conversations shifting and drifting.  It was a fine time -- Mr. B handed me a singing kitten birthday card [ETA: provided by Old Grouch] that must be heard to be believed!

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Midwest Chick said...

K at the end of the table. T behind Old Grouch. BTW, it was Old Grouch who brought the card, which was adorable.