Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ain't Got Much

     It's a slow morning inside my head -- and outside it, too.  "Self-centered world leaders snap selfie at funeral" isn't doing much for me -- it's just sad and, as Tam points out, was once Not The Done Thing.  That was then.  It's been the Age of Self-Aggrandizement for quite awhile now.

     Then there's the new anti-gun blog, where counter-argument has yet to rub a sore spot on the ego of the guy who set it up.  Go and argue if you like.  Me, any more I'd about rather beat a brick wall with a wooden baseball bat, or yell down a well.  You might ask, "But what about the undecided?"  T'hell with 'em.  If they even exist at all: the man or woman who will sift through page after page of dry statistics before making up their mind that their own life is worth defending has the soul of an adding machine.  Such persons are rare.  Nope, most folk are moved by anecdote and personal experience.  If you want to help gun rights up close and in-person, be nice to a newbie online, at the range or at the sporting-goods store.  Don't be The Scary Guy at work or in your neighborhood, be the friendly person who happens to to own firearms.

     I've made up my mind: I'll own guns.  Elected and appointed officials can dink with the laws all they like and all it'll do is vary the degree of difficulty, awkwardness and risk.  Life is easier when you can stay inside the law and that makes working keep the legislative idiocy within bounds and even roll it back a worthwhile effort.  But don't kid yourself: new, restrictive laws don't make eeeevil guns vanish, they only create new (and often unwitting) lawbreakers.


DamDoc said...

you have more than you know!.. following

Earl said...

Being the quiet friendly guy that happens to own firearms and believes in better in all of us.

Nicely put all around, I would join you in not adding to the noise, since the helping make better people doesn't really count on the number of laws they ignore.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, well said.

I've committed myself to two things in this direction. First, I write my representatives every single week on gun topics. The NRA makes it easy to do: .

Second, I teach newbies to shoot. I do it with patience and stress safety over everything and fun over everything but safety. Last night I took a French guy who had never so much as seen a gun before to the range and he had a great time.

Figure out where you can spend your time and effort to make things better and do it.

wrm said...

What about the undecided? Take 'em shooting. Shooting is a gateway drug to more shooting.