Sunday, December 01, 2013

I Survived Family Thanksgiving

     Almost didn't go.  Almost didn't find the house even when I did go.  Brought Tam along for moral support.  Came home exhausted after two and a half hours and simply crashed, out like a light, entirely wrung out.  Woke three hours later with a blinding headache, took Vitamin I and slept deeply again until morning.

     This level of emotional reaction, unconscious though it is, is in some ways unfair of me.  There usually aren't any majorly dreadful scenes at these events (just repercussions after, sometimes months after, over innocent remarks or who one did or did not speak to).  On the other hand, I was once again reminded that even one two-year-old is a crowd.  (And my sister's poor tomcat feels the same way only more so, and will complain about it to anyone who will listen. He's a good cat and has been around children before, so he simply evades -- and registers his objections with the grown-ups.  For his part, the two-year-old loves, loves, loves the kitty, and would happily express his affection by hauling the critter around like a dishrag.)

     Anyway, survived. General, if cautious, goodwill all 'round. One can scarcely ask for more.


BGMiller said...

Moral support?
Or Artillery support?

I kid I kid...

I am all too familiar with the treacherous politics of family. I'll be taking a long weekend to drive back to Alabama with my dad to visit his folks in a week. There are many family members that won't know I've been in town until months after the fact.


Family... You don't get to pick 'em, can't trade 'em away, and these damned hippie laws make it tricky to smack 'em with a shovel.


Hawken Cougar said...

Pity the other adults who attended the Thanksgiving get together and left psychologically scarred because Rx paid more attention to the cat and two year old than to them.

Drang said...

Glad you survived. It's too long a drive for us to do family holidays, I don't really miss 'em, but Mrs. Drang does. Salem, OR, isn't that far on a map, but a three hour +/- drive in winter weather, which I usually have to take a day (or two!) off work for, starts out inconvenient, and often gets worse.

Old NFO said...

You did what you had to... Glad it came off fairly well.

LCB said...

OK...I had to look up Vitamin I. Never heard/read of it before... :-)