Monday, December 30, 2013

Always Check Your Receipts

     ...Over at Trailer Park Paradise, Sabra takes on a Left-wing pseudo-factiod about Your Tax Dollars At (almost) Work and discovers, lo, the numbers, they are made up.  A quick trip to to IRS website, some number-crunching and she's got the real story, along with some interesting conclusions.

     Shan't spoil it -- though I will note is spending 23 times as much on drone-bombing losers (and bystanders) in the wastelands of Asia as they are on all of their science-y programs, including NASA. (All of that high-tech stuff?  1% of your taxes if you made 50K last year!  Just a silly millimeter longer.)  Hey, Uncle Sam?  As long as you're picking my pocket, couldn't we blow them up slightly cheaper and do twice as much science?

     Receipts.  Check 'em. Just sayin'.

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