Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Harmonious Folk

     I'm told Dylan did a version of this--

     Yeah, well.  'Druther have this one.

     Is there any darned thing left that some sick weasel -- corporate penny-shaver or green-weenie or regulator run amok -- isn't trying to replace (or already has) with some ersatz edition made out of cheap, biodegradable plastic slathered in bright colors, all misinterpreted, bendy and useless, and destined to end in tatters along the side of a crumbling road?  Anything at all, except maybe the human voice?  And they'll try'n sell you a chopped-up, cut-rate digitized version of that, too, and claim the tinny simulacrum droning in your earbuds is "just as good as the real thing."

     It ain't.

     Maybe this is a little reminder, a glimpse of memory of a description of a sniff of a full Sunday dinner that's been cooking all day, laid out in the fair-to-middling best china on a freshly-launder tablecloth on a cool Fall afternoon.

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Stranger said...

Nice Delta Blues, and very close to the version Alan Lomax collected in - as I recall- Clarksdale, Mississippi.