Saturday, August 16, 2014

Are The Adults Prevailing In Ferguson?

     I thought yesterday was too soon to comment, but it appears they've finally started de-escalation in Ferguson, Missouri.  (Warning, link may autoplay video.) The governor yanked the county cops back and sent in the Highway Patrol and they--  by golly, they did the "One Ranger, one riot" approach as well as I have seen it played, walking alongside protesters in shirtsleeve uniforms and only the most basic "bat-belt" carry gear, smiling and talking in normal tones of voice.  Last night, Tam commented on video of Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson strolling with well-behaved protesters, remarking, "Doesn't look like anyone's 'lighting a candle' for him," in reference to the Molotov cocktails hurled at combat-clad county cops a day earlier.  It's plenty risky for the state police, but I can't think of any better way to resolve the mess.

     This may even (finally) get the increasing militarization of police out of the fringes and into the spotlight.  And it's produced one interesting outcome already; U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder said the violence "cannot continue," specifically mentioning violent acts by the public as well as the overbearing police response. Mark me down in the "surprised" column.

     It's still early days but at least things have reached the point where the citizens of Ferguson won't be burning down the courthouse.  How the investigation into the precipitating incident is handled is still going to have huge effect -- but at least it will happen in something better than smoking ruins reeking of tear gas and opportunistic crime.


Carteach said...

Some interesting stories coming out of that area regarding the Ferguson police department. Hopefully there are still some actual honest to gawd journalists left alive to investigate.

Alien said...

Ran across a comment on one of the blogs to the effect that Obama, Holder & Co. should retrieve all the fed dot gov largesse they have bestowed upon police depts. and bless the Kurds with it. Seems like a worthwhile idea.

I doubt we'll ever return to the days of Reed and Malloy, but we certainly don't need the sturmabteilung we've got now.

TotC said...

Sorry to harsh your mellow this morning, but apparently, the local choir contingent sought to bring the sound of crashing glass to Ferguson again last night.

B said...

The cops walked with the *DAYLIGHT* protestors.rue protestors, not hoodlums.

THe nighttime kiddies still rioted, and teargas was again used to keep the looting down.

And the star of this debacle, the young Mr. Brown, isn't the kid that the media describes.

THe story and the reality of the shooting appear to have some inconsistencies as well.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they went after the store that got robbed right before the shooting.


greg said...

I swear, when the stories about the protests/riots and the police response started coming out, I had to check to see if Ferguson was in Irag, or Missouri.

Roberta X, remotely said...

So, the night-timers rioted? Okay -- how did the Staties handle it? There's the story. And I haven't found out yet.

B said...

The Staties used the same tactics. Teargas and such to disperse the crowd.

Logic and reason don't work on rioters.

It'll happen again tonight too.

Dave In Indiana said...

The looters and rioters are an element we don't need in a civil society. IMO the media should quit covering events in Ferguson, it only emboldens that element. Let law enforcement do its job unfettered by the court of public opinion and the judicial system do the job it was intended to do.
Just my opinion, YMMV.