Thursday, August 28, 2014


     I woke up early this morning, hungry, and tried another version of Eggs Pomodoro, eggs poached in tomato sauce.  And it was good; it's pretty hard to get the stuff wrong,

     Much later, I had a little creamed chipped beef (yes, on toast -- rye toast) for lunch and realized you could poach eggs in this stuff.  Most prepared versions are a bit salty and a couple of eggs would help tame that, too.

     I think it'd be awesome.  Then I got to thinking about various sorts of additions, like sauteed vegetables, maybe hot peppers for the adventurous or baby potatoes and pearl onions for "comfort food," and realized the other thing you could do with creamed chipped beef and [vegetables of choice] would be to pour it into a pie crust, roof it with more of the same, and bake until the crust was golden-brown.  More of a Fall or Winter dish, I think, but at the right time of the year, yum!

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