Sunday, August 10, 2014

Breakfast Or Dinner

     One or the other -- I had to work a couple of overnights recently.  This morning, this warm and muggy morning, an ice-cold grapefruit half (with a little bit of sugar), a warm almond croissant (with rather more powdered sugar, toasted almond halves and possibly a little grated lemon zest) and a nice bottle of pomegranate juice fill the bill.

     A few days ago, it was Eggs -- well, Egg -- Pomodoro to start my work day, and nothing to it -- a can of stewed tomatoes added to a pan in which I had fried one (1) strip of of bacon and poured off most of the grease, then sauteed three nice green onions, half a green bell pepper and a whole Anaheim-type pepper from a co-worker's garden; then add the tomatoes, scissor in the bacon, give it a nice sprinkle of Italian spices (basil, garlic, ground black pepper, maybe some rosemary, whatever suits you), then let cook it awhile and take a spatula to the tomatoes to mush 'em down to a handier size for eating, like so:
     Cover and let it start to bubble, then uncover and use the spatula to make as many little wells in the stuff as you'd like eggs -- I did one but I could've got four or five in.
       Drop the egg or eggs into their wells, break the yolks or not as suits you, season likewise (a little hot paprika, etc. for me), cover and cook until the eggs are as done as you'd like. I prefer them fairly firm:
     Yum!  I had mine over some mixed-grain stuff (rice, quinoa, I don't know what all).  You can do that, or if you poached several eggs, serve them and a heap of the tomato mixture on toast points or skip 'em and just make a nice assemblage of it on a small plate.  Garnish with a basil leaf or some chopped chives if you want to go fancy. (I'm enough of a Hoosier to wonder how this might work on mashed potatoes.)


Old NFO said...

Looks (and I sure tasted) good!

Don M said...

My Bachelor Pad part says, that looks good if you want a salad for breakfast.

The other part is "Hmmm, perhaps I can talk my daughter into making it for supper some night?"

I would love to eat it, but gosh, if it takes more than opening the Spam can and taking it off the fire when the smoke detector goes off, I can't cook it.

I burned water two days ago.