Wednesday, May 13, 2015


     It still counts if you wait until "day of" to pay your Internet bill, right?  Right!  But if it hadn't been a little hinky this morning, I might not have checked.  It's inconvenient for me if the bits stop -- for Tam, it's a disaster.  So in the interest of not bein' hunted down like an animal, I do try to keep it paid.

     Been having kidney-stone-type trouble, the bilateral back pain from last time (and, in hindsight, this is the same thing that had me questioning my mattress some months ago) plus other symptoms best not described.  Much ouch, plus the ticking-bomb wondering if it will ramp up to the same kind of agony that it has reached twice before.  It's...bothersome. 


Anonymous said...


Roberta X said...

No. A thousand times no. DSL is a luxury and I will drop it if necessary. I have been poor lots and you cannot have anything siphoning money from your bank account; sometimes you need to push out to the limits and past. Sure, I have some money now, but--

The only thing I have on autopay is my car insurance, and that only because State Farm are pigheaded and don't allow me to pay a year at a time.

Ben C said...

Autopay with telcoms has proven itself to me as a risky decision at best. I don't mind screwed up bills nearly so much when my money is still in my pocket!

Best of luck on the back-e-otomy. Stones or not, pain is no fun.