Sunday, May 03, 2015

Yeah, Riots

     I haven't said anything about Baltimore because everyone is saying what they always say:

     "Yadda-yadda race,"
     "Yadda-yadda liberals,"
     "Yadda-yadda culture,"
     "Yadda-yadda conservatives,"
     "Yadda-yadda inequality..."

    All it really tells me "Yadda-yadda," which I already knew.  We've apparently got ourselves a generation with a statistically-significant number of folks in it for whom "tomorrow" is a meaningless abstraction, along with "property" and "hope."  Why?  Who knows; it's too late to fix it anyway.  Rounding them all up and tossin' 'em into jail just confirms their dismal lack of expectations. 

     Historically, one "solution" that usually emerges organically is to hold a nice little war.  As the planet is all out of Wogs and the French (traditional foes of all right-thinking Anglophones, recent historical aberrations notwithstanding) are off the table, that leaves only bloody-handed bastards in the Middle East with a brand of insanity that makes our homegrown nihilists look like Girl Scouts -- and who they are as likely to join up with as to oppose.

     "Yadda-yadda interesting times."  Sheesh.


Eric Wilner said...

Clearly, we need to work harder at honking off the Martians.
Either that, or drastically increase funding for research into reanimating the dead.
I think Martians are a better bet; they have a homeworld to which we could deploy surplus young men. And they don't go around biting humans and turning them into Martians, except in really lame TV shows.

fast richard said...

How does one get past the Yadda-yadda of boilerplate arguments? Is there a way to find solutions short of war?

Roberta X said...

Sadly, I know of no better way to get all parts of society pulling together and use up rootless youth than a really stonking war. :(

Clearly, we do need to irk the Martians. Who knows? Maybe we already have! Frying pan, ha -- fire it is.

JayNola said...

A frontier to be exploited would be nice. Good pressure relief valve, less expensive than foreign adventures, in terms of taxpayer outlay?

The Jack said...

Jay: A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies! A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!

JayNola said...

Precisely The Jack. Explore the Eden that it Alpha Seti Five!!!