Friday, May 01, 2015

On The Barrelhead

     But not at all for sale:
     From left to right (or L-R): Astra Constable in .22, H&R long-barrel .22 -- double-action, gate-loading, with old-timey ejector rod -- and my Enfield No. 2 Mk I (no star) .380/200.

     That's from a nice morning at Eagle Creek last weekend.


Stuart the Viking said...


Love the old guns.

I have always loved top-breaks, but have never gotten around to getting one. What do you feed the Enfield? Do you have a source for .380/200 or are you able to use .38 S&W (it appears so from my reading, but I don't know)? If so, are you able to find .38 S&W?

freddyboomboom said...


Love me the Enfield wheelguns, for some odd reason.

And you haven't driven me away, I just don't check in every day.

Dave in Indiana said...

Why "L-R" ?

Roberta X said...

'Cos that's the usual direction in which I read.

Roberta X said...

Stuart, .380/200 and .38 S&W are interchangable for all practical purposes. There's a shop that loads it (and other oddities), or perhaps reloads, and they show up at most of the local gun shows. Shall I get you their card? They have been very reliable for me in .38SA, .32 S&W, .38 S&W and .32-20.

Merle said...

In my Enfield the Magtech brand 38 S&W 146 gr RNL shoots to point of aim at 10 ~ 15 yards.