Thursday, February 23, 2017

Better Late Than....

     I had distressing gastrointestinal symptoms starting late yesterday, which I blamed on the two antibiotics.  Subsequent problems that evening resulted in my taking some saved prescription meds to control it.  And then this morning--  Problem came back.  More gut-quieting meds, and they are "do not operate motor vehicles" stuff, so I stayed home and mostly alternated sleeping, coughing and scurrying down the hall.

     Persistent chills haven't helped.

     In the awake time, I e-mailed and then called the new doc-inna-box (which does have the advantage of being run by the same doctor factory as my primary care physician's office), to learn that one of the antibiotics, the Z-pack, was prescribed due to, and I quote, "an error."*  Ooops? So no more of that, and I guess I will be trying to choke down some of the right kind of yogurt for lunch, well away from antibiotic-taking times.

     Until this very moment, my intake today has been limited to water, coffee, tea and crackers (and, okay Tam, some potato chips).  I'm now trying some soup and orange drink.  Here's hoping for the best.
* How can this happen, you ask?  In true modern-efficiency fashion, M.D.s and their nurses are required to task-nest. (Unlike the neighborhood doc of yore, they are, after all, supporting an office, a rather large staff, and a big ol' corporation.)  So, nurse does the intake interview and doctor reads it before she does exam; after seeing me, she adds her initial notes, starting with request for nebulizer treatment.  Nurse sets that up while doctor completes notes.  Nebulizer runs while they work with other patients.  Doctor returns to check nebulizer, sees it is not done and I am not looking as chipper as hoped, leaves promising to return in a few minutes, modifies notes to change antibiotic.  Meanwhile nurse is setting up prescriptions to be faxed or e-mailed, sees new medication, adds it to order, sends it off.  Doctor returns, hands me paperwork (listing only one antibiotic), and I'm surprised to be given two later at the pharmacy, but the right doctor's name is on them. 
     This goes unchallenged until I call, at which point the electronic paperwork is backtracked and the mix-up found.  I know that because I was on the phone with an admin type who talked her way through the process while she sorted it out.  Someone in comments is going to tell me I otta sue, but that just makes medical stuff cost more.  They may need better software -- and I need to question stuff that doesn't match the paperwork I was handed.


Jeffrey Smith said...

Bananas and or gatorade. Or at least cranberry juice. Low potassium levels is not a good thing.

I have had so many antibiotics over the years that set off the GI tract I now refuse to take them unless absolutely necessary, and so far (thank the Deity) necessary has not happened.

pigpen51 said...

I hope you feel better soon. And as to the sue part? I have walked away from things over the years, as well, simply because, I didn't die, and so what is the point. I figure that karma just balances out, and I probably did the wrong thing on occasion, and someone else just let it go.

fillyjonk said...

What pigpen said.

I suspect, though, they may change procedures after you called them so that doesn't happen again...

(I once was given an antibiotic I was allergic to, but no one knew at the time I was. It wasn't fun.)