Thursday, February 09, 2017

Winter's Back

     Just for a visit -- Winter returned yesterday afternoon hauling two inches of wet snow, which it dumped and ran.  Cold as the dickens today, with a high well below freezing, but by the weekend, we'll hit 58 F.

     If you're at all stove up -- and here at Roseholme Cottage, we both kind of are, Tam more so than me -- this is the kind of weather that crawls into your bones and joints (not to mention sinuses!), sets its teeth, and gnaws.  If it'd get cold and stay, or remain mild, that'd be one thing, but back-and-forth is challenging.

     I'd still rather have this than three feet of snow!  I'd ache worse after shoveling through that.  The flip side is that this has been a bad winter for potholes, though it least the city has been able to patch some of them during the warmer spells.


The Old Man said...

Y'all finally convinced me (with the urging of my daughter) to try a neti pot.
I never knew I needed that until I tried it.

WRT the weather, we must survive. Good luck.
(I do like your breakfast stories. Please continue your descriptions - I learn a lot from your work.)

c-90 said...

Shall we start a Go-Fund-Me to send you a fwe cases of civilian MRE's?