Saturday, February 11, 2017

It's Noon

     I slept until nine.  I needed it -- somehow, this cold won't quite go away.  Oh, I'm 90% over it, but ten percent hangs on and on....

     Nevertheless, I have got myself up, made coffee, fried a couple of eggs and a couple strips of bacon (one each for Tam and me), and made a short stack of Swedish pancakes for myself because I'd been wanting them.

     Installed a new water fountain for the cats (so I can finally clean out the old one instead of just changing the filter), hoping the pump will be okay in the old one (the maker redesigned them for safety but the new ones don;t last as long), and now I'm Actually Changing A Litter Box, which is a job Tam ends up getting stuck with too often.

     That's about the limit of my ambitions for the day -- that and clear off my desk, renew the plates on my vehicles, and pay a couple of bills. 


BC said...

I picked up a bug over new years, it was mostly gone but now either it's back or it invited a cousin to come visit.

If you find the trick to kick it, please share!

Old NFO said...

Getting the 'little' things done are important too... :-) Hope you beat that last 10% down soon!