Thursday, March 09, 2017

Fiction? Fiction, Right?

     It's difficult to write about the Hidden Frontier because, face it, our history is your history; ours just includes the parts you can't be allowed to know.  This makes it duller on the one hand, and flips it right over into the realm of your next-door neighbor who's seen a UFO on the other.

     Thing is, your neighbor may actually have seen  a UFO, only it was probably an IFO -- or an SFO.  We know which ones are ours, and the occasional semi-official Edger vehicle that lands at Groom Lake Naval Air Station -- sure, keep on asking the USAF about "Area 51," and they'll keep on telling you under oath that it's not theirs -- covertly identifies itself six ways from Sunday and lands as no more than a streak of light in some onlooker's cheap Chinese binoculars.  SFOs?  That's another story.  The Far Edge doesn't exactly have a government as most people understand the term, and their independent ship owners regard smuggling as a basic right.  It's under better control than back during the War, but there's no way to stop it.  If you see a UFO, ask yourself what products are grown, mined or made nearby.

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