Saturday, March 18, 2017


     My recent and ongoing health issues -- I'm still on the antibiotic, unfortunate digestive-tract effects and all (and it comes with a long list of things you should not consume within two hours before and two hours after taking the drug, including dairy, antacids, zinc, and so on) -- find me still feeling pretty lousy, especially of an evening.  Recent dinner-time blood pressure readings have been rather higher than my usual and I'm scheduled to see my doctor Monday.

     Here's hoping my white-coat syndrome doesn't flare up!  I don't much trust doctors and often find myself unable to recall symptoms and generally just trying to get out of the place with minimum interaction; this is not the best way to ensure proper treatment, so I'll make notes in advance.

     And it appears that for now, some of my favorite foods like bacon and corn chips are going to have to become rarely-if-ever treats.  It's a good thing I like oatmeal, brown rice, beans and brassicas in general (broccoli, cauliflower, kolrabi, etc.).

     Comments for this post are off, as the general tendency to become hedge-doctor for Miss Bobbi has very bad effects on my blood pressure.  I pay professionals to make those sorts of suggestions; they have some education, considerable experience and are remarkably risk-averse -- and I still have trust issues with them.  Extrapolate from that what my attitude towards lay opinions must be.*

     Perhaps I shall join Ms. Tam on her morning walks.  Even doctors think that's a good idea.
* I happen to work at a fairly abstruse trade, and encounter uninformed opinions from time to time -- usually miles off-target and demonstrating a profound lack of the necessary basics.  I can only imagine what the corresponding experience is like for medical practitioners, but it can't be good.