Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New Sandals, Hooray!

     A year and a half ago, or maybe it was two years, I bought a replacement set of what I wear instead of house slippers: Teva sandals, which are more or less a walking/running shoe sole with a minimal arrangement of straps to hold it to your foot.  They were a little different from the previous set, but they were on sale.

     Unfortunately, I bought the wrong style; worse yet, the seller didn't have half-sizes and I bought the next size down, counting on the remarkable adjustability of the brand's designs to let me center them on my feet.  --Except the style I bought didn't have an adjustable back-of-ankle strap.  I spent the next year-plus occasionally stubbing my toes, but hey, thirty-dollar footwear.  Gotta get your money's worth.  A couple of weeks ago, I managed to opened the front door into my right foot, and my little toe caught the brunt of it.  It was time for new sandals.

     They had about given out anyway (Velcro and even a little cat hair is a high-maintenance combination, especially once the cats figure out they can smooth on it if you leave the instep strap open ).  This time, I was careful to order the right Tevas, in the right size.  They arrived yesterday and I wasted no time in trying them on.  What a difference!  Adjustable toe, instep and back-of-ankle straps let me set them to fit my feet, the sole and insole are much better then the old pair, and my toes don't hang over at all. Shopped for price once I'd found the right style, which has put me in a pair with white soles and red straps: I have ambulance feet!  But they fit and are comfortable and that's all that counts.

     These sandals are the best compromise between barefoot and shod I know of: lightweight, grippy, thick enough to provide protection.  I rarely wore shoes and socks at all around the house until I was well-grown (40s) and these are just enough footgear to suit me.


Blackwing1 said...

And if you wear them out in the yard a lot, you get the suntan pattern known as "Teva-feet", where you've got the white stripes running across the tops of your footsies.

They're my default summer footwear.

Rick T said...

I wore Tevas for years then Chacos for a while but I am back to Rainbow Sandals flip-flops. I have weird wide feet so the front strap over the toes for both of them would grind on the outer toe and leave a blister if I didn't have my feet Just So on the bed. My final pair of Tevas had a buckle for the ankle strap instead of velcro but they only make a few models that way.

+1 for the Teva tan, and I had Spenco speckles on the backs of my hands when I was a regular bicycle rider.

Rey Brandt said...

Started wearing Teva's while still in the Navy. Had to lead PT one day and my running shoes were in another bag at home. Since it was a nice day (For Great Lakes) I wore my Tevas and took them on a run. Word quickly spread that I was the crazy FC1 that ran in his shower shoes! I did it from time to time after just to keep the rep.