Friday, March 17, 2017

Mental Whiplash

     If you occasionally read the blogs of both Eric S. Raymond and Charles Stross, you will indeed find some very abrupt curves between them.  Readers of my blog are most likely to see red at Stross's blog -- neither Brexit nor the U. S. Presidential election results sat very well with him -- but I caution you that he is a UK subject, the product of a very different culture (and doesn't vote in our elections).  We may share a largely-common language (or, as Twain put it, be divided by it) but cultural divergence started well before 1776 and hasn't stopped. 

     One thing is for sure, if you read widely enough, it'll knock big old holes in your mental echo chamber.  I think that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Charles Stross, Charles Stross... Charles Stross... Wait a sec.. Charlie Stross?

(clikety-click) I'll be dammed! That's him!

I knew him from usenet days in the late 90's, just as he was transitioning into his third career, writing. (First two were Chemist (in the US, we call 'em pharmacists.)and then Linux system admin.

He was one of the regulars in alt.peeves...

eriko said...

I like the way I think you thing.

rickn8or said...

I dunno; I'm still enjoying being peeved at the Brits for burning the White House in 1814.

Glenn Kelley said...

Note of clarification , It wasn't the White House when they burnt it .

On the juvenile side , you burnt Fort York (Toronto) first .