Saturday, August 04, 2018

Better Corned Beef Hash

     Canned corned beef, diced fresh potato, a little spice (parsley, onion flakes, black pepper) and a quarter-cup of water or a little more:
     Ten minutes in a covered skillet, flipped, cook a little uncovered to dry it, add an egg on top and give it five-plus covered, until the egg is as done as you like.

     Much better than the canned version.  You can beat it with deli or home-cooked corned beef brisket, but those take a lot more effort.


pigpen51 said...

I actually have done this, with the canned corned beef and diced potatoes. I also think it is much better, and not really that hard to do. It is well worth it, for how much better it tastes. Even using canned corned beef, it is still great.

Roberta X said...

Yes -- the potato takes care of the excessive saltiness, and the canned corned beef seems to be generally better than what they put in canned corned beef hash.

Anonymous said...

Man, that sounds good, I haven't had corned beef hash in a loooong time. Usually mixed in an egg, but never added additional potato to it.

I need to give that one a try - Thank you for recipe.