Thursday, August 09, 2018

It Kept Getting Worse

     Going back to bed would have been a good idea yesterday.  Blogging about it didn't make the problem go away and as I struggled to get ready for work, it was harder and harder to do routine tasks.  I finally called in sick-but-hoping-to-improve, slogged through the rest of my morning routine as slow as tar in January (and nearly as brittle), and decided to brave the roads a little after noon.

     It wasn't fun.  Everything was moving too fast and too near.  The intentions of other drivers were difficult to read.  The light was too bright--  Made it in, stuck to small, simple tasks and by four o'clock, I wasn't having to grab corners and doorways to keep from running into them.  Things got a little better and the drive home was only slightly worse than usual.

     Prednisone was already on my allergies list because of how it affects me.  The doctor made a strong case for it this time and I went along.  That was a mistake


pigpen51 said...

My wife had a Doctor's appointment this morning. Her Doctor wanted her to have a shingles shot, since she is now 60. My wife declined, because she has been dealing with a lot of other health issues, and there have been reports of some people getting shingles after getting the shot, as a side effect.

She was afraid that she would be one of the tiny percentage of those who actually do get shingles from the shot, and didn't want to take the chance, until possibly the spring, when she should be done dealing with her other serious issues. I don't blame her, she has been dealing with breast cancer since last Oct.

Anonymous said...

Prednisone is the wonder drug. Years ago, Simultaneously, my father was on it for leukemia and my dachshund was on it for a skin condition.

It will cure you, too.


Paul said...

Remember doctors are just practicing medicine. If you know it does not work for you do not let them convince you otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better soon.

I hate prednisone. It makes me not exactly aggressive, but very mouthy and less inhibited. Not good in my position. Fortunately nothing like your symptoms. Doctors love it because it USUALLY has few side effects. My rheumatologist will prescribe it for gout attacks vice a strong anti-inflammatory like Indomethacin over the phone. Same thing for the BIL. My gastroenterologist will prescribe it over the phone for UC flares too.

Pigpen, FYI On the shingles shot, the latest vaccine, Shingrex(tm) is a dead virus vaccine. Your wife may be able to take it? Check the literature?

Roberta X said...

Bob, the price is too high for that "wonder." The side effects are harsh. If I keep taking that stuff, it will cure me of life.