Sunday, August 19, 2018

Went To The State Fair Yesterday

     Tam and I went to the Fair.  It was fun!  I was worried my knee might not hold up, but so far, so good.
     Finally rode the Skyride!  Saw baby goats, old steam engines, old tractors, new hand-crafted chairs and hand-knapped flint and obsidian knives, ate Indiana beef, honey ice cream and a bacon-wrapped sausage on a stick.

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waepnedmann said...


How many people know that knapping flint is a "thing" let alone spell it correctly.

Can I be on your team for Tivial Pursuit?

BTW for you Retrotechnoloists, if you want go way back, there is The Society for Primative Technology. The last I knew they met at Glass Mountain in Oregon to practice obsidian knapping and other archaic arts.
One can learn a lot from those guys.
It goes back to that old saying, "The less you carry on your back the more you have to carry in your head."

Glad your.knee is holding up to the fair.
Some things are worth the trade-off for the pain later on.