Saturday, May 18, 2019

Left-Over Chicken; Lawn Work

      Tam mowed the front yard this morning.  It turns out out that if you feed her well enough, The Tamara is all kinds of useful.

     Last night's supper was all manner of "enough."  I'd bought a whole baked chicken (garlic and herb butter) Thursday, along with good, old-fashioned vinegar/pepper coleslaw and elote corn salad.  We each had a drumstick and a little white meat, but there was plenty left; I wrapped it up and put it in the fridge.

     Friday, I picked up a box (oh, this modern packaging) of chicken-mushroom bone broth and a can of French vegetable soup on the way home from work.

     Got home, poured the broth into a saucepan to simmer, and cut up the chicken into it, skin and all, with special attention to all the hard-to-get-at meat.  Brought that up almost to a boil and added the corn salad, then the can of soup.

     I was wonderful!  There's just a little heat to the corn salad that helped out the soup; the broth was very rich and full of flavor (and meat!).  I think a little lemongrass might have made it even better but as it was, it was very good indeed.  Tam had a big bowl and a little more.  So did I.

     Full of vim and vigor (after sleeping in until 8:30 this morning!), I took a weed-eater to the back yard.  With the recent rain, it had gotten well beyond what the mower could handle.  It should be just fine for the mower by next weekend.  

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