Thursday, May 09, 2019

Racing A Deadline

     It's no less a deadline for being self-imposed: manuscripts for the writer's group I'm in are due today.  I'm not quite a quarter of the way done with my project.  Finally -- barely! -- above the minimum word count but I'd like to hand the group a completed story. 

     It may not be possible.  Still, there's time left and I hope to make progress.

     If I can get this done, if it's not too clumsy, if I can slog through the formatting, I may try to release it via Amazon's "Kindle Direct Publishing." 


Rick T said...


Drang said...

Ignore the comments and get it done, so we can pay you what Heinlein called the highest praise an author can get -- money!

Tam said...

I would love to buy it on Kindle!