Friday, May 24, 2019

Well, That Was An Interesting Mystery...

     Migraines have been stalking my days, hitting hard in the afternoons, leaving me in pain and badly out of it but usually tapering off in time to drive home.  I've been trying to set aside simpler tasks for that part of the day.

     Yesterday's barely abated and was lingering around well into the evening.

     Walked into the kitchen last night, about 45 minutes 'til bedtime, and there was a quick white flash.  The curtains were open, the kitchen lights were off and outside it was just at that point of twilight where you can't tell if you're holding up a black thread or a white one.

     I blinked, and the streetlight in the alley was on.  I wasn't sure if lighting over the horizon had lit up the overcast, my migraine had decided on a truly impressive visual presentation or the streetlight had just undergone a particularly hard start.  It could even have been a transformer blowing up a couple of streets over, though those are usually more blue and there's a "hummmm-BANG!" leading up to them.

     A quick check of the weather didn't show any storms nearby, though that's not a hundred percent -- sometimes a cloud just gets ticked off and has to let fly.

     At least it's not boring!


Douglas2/unknown said...

We put out a motion-activated trail-camera partly to confirm our suspicion that raccoons were raiding the bird-feeder overnight, and partly in hope that the unit's flash would discourage them.

We later discovered that neighborhood children were interpreting the flashes as UFO activity, and sneaking out of bed at night to keep watch at their windows in hopes of seeing the flying saucer.

Ed Jones said...

You didn't duck and cover.

Roberta X said...

Nope. By the time you see the flash, it's too late. Might as well walk towards the light.