Saturday, October 31, 2020

Coldest Morning So Far

     At 30°F, this has been the Fall's coldest morning -- and the prognosticators are saying "coldest until Monday." 

     I ordered a new carbon monoxide alarm, the old one being both hopelessly susceptible to radio-frequency interference and several years past its expiration date.  The replacement will arrive sometime today and until then, I'm being very careful about running the furnace. 

     Roseholme Cottage was at 60° when I fed the cats at six this morning.  I let the furnace heat the house until it reached 64° and proceeded to cook a nice big breakfast.  Presently, we're holding at a surprisingly-comfortable 63°.  Sweatpants, one of my long flannel nightgowns and a warm robe have a lot to do with that, along with good thick socks and sandals.  "Gee, Aunt Bobbi, why did people wear so many layers of clothing in the olden days?"  Yes, such a mystery.... 

     Breakfast was a slice-and-a-half of applewood-smoked bacon (pretty thick slices, too), broken-yolk eggs cooked in a covered pan with a little butter, and a couple of Russet potatoes, diced and fried in the bacon fat (they got a little onion powder, too).  It's filling and the cooking added some extra heat.

      Today's supposed to get fairly warm, mid-fifties or better, so I am hoping to work on the shelf project.  And last night, the eye doctor texted that my glasses are ready, so that'll be the first order of business after breakfast and a shower.  I'm hopeful the new lenses will help with the headaches that have been bothering me since about mid-summer -- headaches, and some trouble focusing on computer monitors, which are almost to the, "Have you considered trifocals?" point.


Anonymous said...

20 degrees at dawn with a 5" snowpack from yesterday's storm. While power outages were at a minimum, the trees were dangerously loaded with very sticky snow. It is almost noon in Kommiecticut and the snow is melting and falling off the trees in the bright sun. Quite beautiful to look at.

Joe said...

Our furnace is out too — since spring. It as a chilly 57F in the living room this morning.

A new furnace will be installed Monday. Thank goodness.

Merle said...

kind of like my maternal grandparents farmhouse - wood burning gravity furnace in the basement - two big registers to let "some" heat trickle up stairs - 1/4" of frost on the inside of the windows.

AHHH, the memories!!!!

Ritchie said...

I run 3 PC boxes doing distributed computing work. Living in the middle floor of a 3 floor condo, in the Spring and Fall I can comfortably go for days without AC or heat. Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of condo living.