Sunday, October 25, 2020

No Shelf Work

      Did everything but shelf work -- started straightening out the basement, because we'll have the furnace looked over for Fall on Wednesday; vacuumed registers; did yet more laundry; added wire baskets under some shelves; slept very late (oops!).

      I did make an omelet for brunch -- mushrooms, Swiss cheese, a little bacon and some Castlevetrano olives.  And do-not-call-it-chili Midwestern red stew for dinner, with ground beef, chorizo, fresh onion, a little diced carrot, small sweet peppers, canned chilies, diced tomatoes and mixed beans, along with good seasoning: chipotle salt, black pepper, chili-type chili powder, a dash of Kashmiri ground chili, tarragon, cilantro and bay leaves.  The resulting dish is not quite the Midwest "chili" of my youth (it'd need elbow macaroni) and not at all like the Tex-Mex stuff, but it's tasty and filling.

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RandyGC said...

As far as I'm concerned sleeping very late when you are still a working person is very much an accomplishment.

Being on disability, not so much, it's my default state (although to be far it is usually preceded by staying up very late).