Friday, October 23, 2020

Yesterday, The Weather Was Lovely

      We had sunshine and warm temperatures yesterday.  Birds were singing, a soft breeze was blowing and I'm told the Fall colors were stunning.

      I spent a lot of the day in bed with the covers pulled up, shivering.   I was increasingly dizzy all morning and along about shower time, it occurred to me that shutting my eyes while standing was a very bad idea -- and that standing in general was becoming less and less advisable.

     Allergies?  I don't know but they seem likely.  The chills were kind of an added bonus: as the day went on, I just could not keep warm.  I went back to bed with a laptop computer for work and did some digging into manuals for the various widgets and gadgets we're using at work, some of which have recently been set up to e-mail status reports (and they have a lot to say!).  I had a nap for lunch.  It didn't do much good.

     Tamara got us a nice carry-out meal for supper (gyros, hummus and for her, saganaki) and I adjourned to my room with the debate playing.  About a half-hour in, my chills stopped and pretty soon, I had a realistic (and uncomfortable) perception of the upper-seventies temperature.  Crawled out from under the covers for the rest of the debate, napped off and on and finally fell asleep on top of the covers as the debate was winding down.*  Whatever it was, it seems to have abated this morning aside from some residual dizziness and sneezing.  That's not unusual for me in the Fall.
* In terms of "4:00 a.m. phone calls" and facing down unruly autocrats, I was kind of favoring the moderator over either candidate.  Not in terms of politics, but she seemed a lot more likely to wake up quickly and not take any guff.  But apparently she doesn't want the job and the leading applicants are what they are; if you are strongly favoring one or the other, I envy your confidence.

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