Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Polling Place

      The route I  take to the North Campus passes right by one of the "satellite" early voting locations.  TV news had shown huge lines and wait times of five hours or more over the weekend, the first day they were open, but I figured a weekday would be be better.

     Maybe it was -- people weren't lined up outside.  However, the very large parking lot was overflowing, with cars pulled onto the muddy grass along the side streets, bumper to bumper.  Indianapolis/Marion County has six of these sites; Hamilton County, next county north and with just over a third the population, has eight!  The state promises they'll do better next time.

     Me, I just want to figure out who I need to vote for to make elections boring again.  Either that, or at least make the process a little more efficient.  Alas, the election-day free coffee at our former polling place, an enormous Methodist church, won't be available this year, and the experts say we should bring our own pen to fill out the ballot.  It seems a small price to pay.

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