Saturday, June 25, 2022

And My Opinion Is

      I guess I'm supposed to have some kind of hot take on the U. S. Supreme Court revisiting Roe v. Wade and reversing their original decision.

      I don't.  I still think the only people with meaningful opinions about the issue are mothers-to-be and their doctors, as advised by their beliefs, ethics and morals.  We live in a world incapable of leaving anything be, and so here we are again, with the highest court in the land in the middle of those very private decisions.

      If you don't like it it, the remedy is as close as your state and Federal legislatures.  If you think the Supreme Court should have swung all the way around to an outright ban, look to the same places.  If the matter at hand is not a fundamental right, as the Court has most recently opined, then it's a matter of law and the bodies that make law can address it.  The people busy protesting or cheering for the Court right now?  Wrong venue.  The people threatening Justices?  That's still wrong.  There is a path to getting what you want, but heckling (or worse) members of the Supreme Court isn't how you get there.

      That's as much of an opinion as I have.  In abstract, I evaluate Supreme Court decisions with a simple yardstick that a friend shared: Does the decision increase or decrease personal autonomy?  --Even that is slippery on this one, though, because there are questions of personhood at issue and they remain unresolved.


Mike-SMO said...

The abortion issue gets into "medicine" . States like Missouri allow for "emergencies". That has Docs looking over their shoulder instead of at the patient. Bleeding and the high blood pressure of preeclampsia can happen gradually or very suddenly, and usually at about 3 AM. What is your definition of "emergency"?

RandyGC said...


Write letters to your governor and legislators and protest at your state capital if you want your position reflected in law.

If you believe your position should be explicitly protected by the Constitution (rather than subject to he opinions of whomever controls SCOTUS on a particular day), then annoy the same legislators and your federal congress critters to pass a Constitutional Amendment saying so in plain language. (admittedly, "plain language" for normal folks often seems to mean something else to law school grads...)

As to the subject of this particular SCOTUS decision, my opinions are my own, they are irrelevant to the general public and probably of no interest to the readers of this blog.