Thursday, June 02, 2022

To The Queen!

      Apparently, the Queen of England saw her shadow this morning, and the Monarchy is assured of continuing.  Or something.  I, like many other Americans, join in congratulating the UK's Head of State on her unprecedentedly long and successful reign, and I have not the least idea what exactly they're going to get up to over there for several days of festivities.  (I will note that she has also got fourteen other countries to do the Constitutional Monarch thing for, though I don't know if those count as side jobs or just some leftover British Empire housekeeping that comes with her main gig.)

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John Peddie (Toronto) said...

She has done a magnificent and unprecedented job...duty always the keynote.

Here in Canada, it is our privilege to refer to her as "Your Majesty".

May it never stop...we need the continuance and decency she embodies.