Tuesday, June 07, 2022


      I can't even describe yesterday.  Serious weirdness, some of it me (that blamed knee, better today but now I have back pain) and some was outside, just up the street, where it seems an encounter between two apparently well-meaning people went badly wrong.

      Don't have details.  Don't, in fact, much want details.

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Ygolonac said...

Well, the knee bone connects to the back bone, after all. My own experience is that a knee or ankle deciding it's time to become pear-shaped will end up affecting the back (especially if there's pre-existing issues *there*) as the (theoretically) balanced and even movements switch to Limp Mode.

Verified this hardway with my foot surgery and recovery in early 2020, with the giant wedge block on that foot (to keep weight off the incisions), which absolutely destroyed my normal gait.

Although I kinda knew that already, in a lesser way, from my grindy knee issues that I've had for mumblety-mumble years now... knee acts up, start limping, back joins in, language gets (more) colorful.

Human body is an ongoing beta, I swear.