Tuesday, June 21, 2022

"Break A Leg?" "Split Hairs?"

      How do you wish someone luck with their first professional hairstyling in over a decade?  However it is, I'll need it, having gathered up my nerve and made an appointment.

      Between social anxiety, concerns over my looks and having infamously fine, dry and drifty hair that collapses under the weight of most hair products, I haven't had my hair done in years.  Well,  I'm old now, so I might as well not have super-scary hair.

      Unless, you know, I panic and don't go. 


Cop Car said...

"You got this!" and "Crush it!"

I wonder if people who were a generation older than was/am I got/get as great a chuckle when I said/say that I am old as I get from hearing people who are the age of my children say they are old.

Go for it!

Roberta X said...

Okay, how about "old enough?" :)

Glenn Kelley said...

Be prepared for people to notice and complement the new style .

Cop Car said...

I'm "old enough" to agree to that. Good phrasing!