Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Crazy Wins

      Crazy often wins primaries.  Sometimes it wins general elections.  Voters get to choose, and we have to accept that the majority of them in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's baliwick like a social-media-savvy socialist with nitwit notions about economics and that most of the people who went to the polls in Georgia's 14th District preferred a white nationalist with theocratic leanings.  Their picks represent who they are, what their district is in the great American tapestry -- and not all of the patterns are pretty.  If you can't accept that (MTG certainly can't), a modern representative republic might not be a good fit for you.

      In Wyoming, GOP primary voters were given a choice between two rock-ribbed conservatives.  In terms of policy, there's hardly any gap between them.  One of them is on the January 6 Committee, a harsh critic of former President's Trump's efforts to retain power after having lost the 2020 election.  The other one is staunch supporter of  Mr. Trump's version of events, a version shown over and over to be fiction.  She has accused the current President of being a "human trafficker," and seems to be rolling right along with whatever the scare-story-of-the-day might be on right-wing media.  You can guess which one was the victor.  That's what Wyoming GOP voters wanted.

      Was it a good idea?  Will the choice lead to victory in the general election?  I don't know about the first question; each voter must decide for themselves.  As for the second question, it's Wyoming.  I'm told they do have Democrats in the state, not all of whom are imported, but I believe there are still towns where you have to pay a nickel to get a look at one, as if they were a peacock or an emu.  So, yeah, probably.

      As long as we manage to stick with voting and our Congressthings content themselves with verbal sparring in the Capitol, that's okay.  Voters are entitled to get the representative they want -- and the rest of us can look askance at the pick all we like, but we've got our own guys and gals, and they're the only ones we get to choose and can send packing in the next go-round if they don't work out.

      This is, in fact, only a real problem if they won't admit defeat and go away if they lose elections.  That didn't used to be a worry.

      I don't much mind when crazy wins elections.  I mind when it starts trying to break heads.  You should, too.

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Sherm said...

I've got some rabid Democrat cousins native to Wyoming. They inherited it from their father who, 40 years ago, wouldn't eat Jelly Belly jelly beans because Reagan liked them. You could see him for free if you knew where the trout were biting.