Thursday, August 18, 2022

Oh, Grow Up

      You can keep leaving crazysauce comments intimating partisan political violence all you like, Mike, but they're not going to be published.  I will, however, forward the more overt ones to Federal law enforcement.  As you are so fond of hinting around, we're playing for realsies now.

      Grow up.   The standard highly-online person, well past 40, well over optimum body mass and well likely to be on one or another prescription drugs for their blood pressure, cholesterol or something even worse, will be among the first to suffer if things break bad.  And it's not going to make any difference how many rounds you've got boxed up in the crawlspace.

      I'm sick and tired of loudmouths and posers, living in a fantasy world.

1 comment:

Eck! said...

Old age will get them first, if not a attack of stupidity.
Hang in there, they are their own worst problem.

I vote for keep writing.

Have a good day, stay safe. Always fun reading.