Thursday, August 18, 2022

Crunch, Sputter

    I'm writing and posting this via an alternative device.  My desktop is very unhappy this morning, at least with the browser, and while I suspect removing a year's worth of cat hair from inside the case will help, it's old and clunky.  And there's a story in the works in it -- two, actually -- so this is not a convenient time.

      Running a virus scan now, of the kind that usually unearths a pile of cookies the normal search and destroy doesn't find.  Once that's done, I'll copy several text files to a thumb drive and at least have a backup.

      Time to go shopping for a new inexpensive desktop machine, I guess.  I will continue with my "one foot in each camp" approach: I like my MacBook Air and iPads, but I'm too used to Windows desktops to give them up.


fillyjonk said...

If you use Firefox as your browser....well, this most-recent version is kinda messed up; some sites I normally was able to use no problems are either REALLY slow or won't open at all. Don't know if it's choking on the fact that this is an old laptop that doesn't have Windows 10/11 on it, or if it's just the standard "every odd-numbered version of Firefox is buggy" but I've had to use Chrome for some stuff.

grich said...

If you REALLY want some fun, grow a third foot...set up the new desktop to dual-boot Windows or Ubuntu. :)