Monday, May 29, 2023

Breakfast When I Didn't Shop

      I worked both days this past weekend, and I was coming off ten days with COVID.  I had eggs in the fridge but no breakfast meat, and not much else--

      So, Spam.  Time to rotate the stock anyway.  I diced up a can of the Hickory Smoked flavor and set it to sizzling in the wok while I did some dishes, adding a little pepper and some (salt-free, trust me, this doesn't need any extra) Bragg's herb mix to the pan.

      I had microwave rice, Red and Brown Rice with Kale and Chia, which just means some added greens and a bit more flavor from the chia.  Making fried rice this way, a few extra ingredients can only help.  Once the meat was browned to suit me, I nuked the rice, pushed the diced Spam to the edges of the wok (mopping up excess grease) and added the rice, cooking it over medium-high heat for three minutes, running the heat up a little as I went and keeping it moving.  The meat gradually mixed in as the process went along.  I added a few shakes of mild curry powder and just a pinch of Cajun seasoning.  (Eggs and curry powder are natural companions in my opinion.)

      When I thought the rice was done, I cleared the center of the wok, broke four large eggs into the space, turn the heat up to high and scrambled them with with a bamboo skewer (the tool of choice for this is a disposable chopstick, but skewers work as well and are easier to come by).

      Once the eggs were done enough -- I prefer them fairly dry but tastes vary -- I ran the heat down, mixed everything together, added some parsley flakes and snipped a couple of Piparra peppers into the wok.  And they you have it, a pretty good breakfast.  Tam put Worcestershire Sauce on hers; I added a few drops of Cholula hot sauce.