Friday, February 10, 2012

10-01: Blogmeet

Tam and I had lunch at Broad Ripple's newest eatery, 10-01. Excellent food and I think it is entirely BlogMeet-worthy. Why, there's even parking.

Tam had the cornbread, Brie bites and cranberry compote (a felicitous combination), followed by their iceberg wedge salad. I enjoyed a burger and a salad -- a remarkable burger and an excellent salad, accompanied by something that I wish was commonplace but isn't: really good coffee. That alone would have capped it for me but when Tam pointed out the nice variety of local beers on tap, well...!

So let's make it official: Blogmeet, Sunday, 19 February, 3:00 pm at 10-01. (That link is a map).


Nathan said...

Shall try. Glad it's not this weekend, I'm in DC.

Don said...

Hope to be there, Ghu willing.

The Jack said...

Count me in.

Hat Trick said...

I'll try to make it.

Mad Saint Jack said...

If I'm awake in time to make the drive, and the weather doesn't suck.

A friend is having an "out of the Army" party the night before.