Thursday, February 06, 2014

Another Morning, Another Inch Of Snow

     Is it the beginning of Stockholm Syndrome if I admit to being happy it's only an inch of snow?  Temperature is way down in the single digits, leaving me wondering how well our big-city heat island has done at keeping yesterday's roads covered in wet slush from freezing in long, rutted, ugly skating rinks.

     Still, the cold has ensured the snowfall wil stay light and fluffy until we have time to sweep it off.  "An ill wind..." as they say, and with below-zero wind chills, it's got to be somewhere between frostbitten and bilious.


Blackwing1 said...

Nah, that's not Stockholm Syndrome, it's simply adjusting to the reality of winter.

This morning I fired up the truck thinking, "Hmm, it's only -8 this morning. That's pretty warm."

And in comparison to what we've had, it IS pretty warm.

Only an inch of snow? Compared to the 8" to 10" of fluffy glueball wormening you had earlier, that's not bad.

(P.S.: Hope your roomie's back and side feel better soon.)

Gewehr98 said...

What's unique about this year's winter weather is that damned near everybody is weary of it, even us cheesehead eskimo types. Although, we do have reports and photos of robins returning to my neck of the Wisconsin woods...