Monday, February 24, 2014


     Is there a new polio analog?


Midwest Chick said...

I do think it's interesting that this illness popped up in anti-vaccination California.

BGMiller said...

My paternal grandmother is a polio survivor.

I still recall well the day she came back from a visit to Mayo's with a new brace made out of some fancy new plastic to replace the old aluminum and leather one.

This is worth keeping an eye on.


mikelaforge said...

A trigger, too, for the anti-immigration crowd - it must have come from SOMEWHERE!

Jennifer said...

Uh-oh indeed

pediem said...

This terrifies me, given what I do (pediatric ER doc). Though it seems to be out on the west coast at the moment, I'm not sure it's going to stay there.

And though it may have started out in California, I'm not so sure it's because of the anti-vaccine issues (the kids affected were vaccinated against polio) as much as that the area is a true microcosm of immigration. When I did my internship there, we often said that we were practicing third world medicine with first world tools because of the amazingly varied presentations of illnesses that we saw, things that just don't happen in the US.